Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just for PrayerTime Tuesday

Hello Friends out in Bloggyland!!!
Since PrayerTime Tuesday Requests are coming in on a more regular basis to this ministry...we have decided that those requests deserve a place of their own where those of you who support this ministry in prayer can go right to the prayer requests for that week in one direct
So here is the news:

PrayerTime Tuesday has it's own site as of today!!!

click here:

You can also get to the request page from the icon of the sunset at the right hand column on this blog....
Please continue to email or snail mail your physical, spiritual, emotional, or situational requests or P.O. Box 186, Crete, IL 60417...or hand Lois or Char a readable request on paper.

And keep those prayers-a-rising....they are changing lives... eternally!!!
Bless you for caring!!

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