Tuesday, December 2, 2008

...PrayerBook WORLDWIDE....

When we were asked a year ago to write a 5 (cinco)
year visionary plan
for James 5:16 Ministries...there were certain facets the Lord had laid directly onto our hearts (el corazón).....facets that the Lord unveiled for us while we worked at the World Vision Step into Africa Exhibit....and then there were facets like this one that have come about by walking with the Lord (Dios) in this ministry over the past year....We are in the pondering, talking, networking process of what it will take to publish Tenacious Prayer Book one into Spanish!!! WOW (VIVA) ....how exciting is that???? Here is what we need from those of you out in Bloggyland and our "Partners in Prayer" to pray for specifically for this project...
~The perfect person to do the translation as there are alot of medical terms in there!!!!!

~The financial covering of this endea
vor...apx. $1500.00 (dollars....no pesos please!!!) for the first 200 copies!

The reason why we always share where we are going with this ministry is that we know that you or someone you know may have it placed in your hearts to participate in this project...because we know that with God all things ...including this project...are possible!!!
As I was typing this the Lord laid it onto my heart...wouldn't this be a wonderful
project to be completed to celebrate Cinco de Maya Day
(May 5th, 2009) with our Spanish speaking/praying Brothers and Sisters in Christ??? Just a thought (creía) !!!

Cinco de Maya History: www.vivacincodemayo.org

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