Friday, February 20, 2009

Tenacious Prayers...2

Just wanted to give everyone out in BloggyLand an update on what us two wild (for Jesus) and crazy girls are up to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thurdays of each month...We have begun the writing of Tenacious Prayers Book 2 which will have prayers for 6 additional medical conditions (e.g. stroke) and their will also include a "deathbed prayer" which we have been asked to write by so many who actually work in the field with terminal and hospice patients...We are asking for you to specifically pray that we can get this second prayer book completed in 2009...and that funds to print (around $1500.00 for 200 copies) will also come into this ministry in 2009...we know that the economic situation of this world and personally for people does not look good....but, with God all things are possible (Matt 19:26) ...we focus not on what we see...finances look bad....but we focus on our GREAT BIG GOD and what He can do!!!!! So take a faith walk with us on the wild side today (2 Cor 5:7) you'll be so glad you He never fails!!! Have a wonderful day filled with the lavishing grace of God!!! (Eph 1:7&8)

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