Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Banqueting with CPO

When we began to feel the Lord directing us into full fledged ministry with our visiting of the medical patient...we began to feel....like we needed a mentor....someone who could show us the ropes....point us in the right direction....remind us who the POWER SOURCE was!!!

So we looked around for someone we would like to emulate as not only a follower of Christ but also as a missionary to the local!!!

AND there he was.....Dan Swets of CPO!!!

Chicagoland Prison Outreach

So we....James 5:16 Ministries want to take a blog moment and not only "thank" Dan for pouring wisdom into us and our ministry but to also give his web address to his ministry!!!

Click here!!! www.cpoministries.org

Lois, Ron and Char will be banqueting (don't you LOVE that word? reminds me of the banquet feast with the LORD someday) tonight with CPO in Lynwood....Hope to see you there!!!
If you cannot attend...information for supporting this amazing outreach ministry at his web address. All donations are tax deductible!!!!

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